Six system performance of casting equipment


1, vacuum pressure regulator flow is good, low negative pressure large flow, the negative pressure requirement of 0.04 no more than 0.05 is good. Pressure stabilizer can not be small, the position of the square is also very important. Pump gas, clean service life is high.

2, the film stretching to be good, thin is not broken is high. Depending on how much tension the casting needs, the product is cast steel or cast iron, or other materials. In the casting film to thin, film does not break the thinner the better.


3, the quality of the paint spray is good, and the thickness is even and baked.

4, The structure of the sand box is firm, and the steel mesh is breathable and not permeable to sand

5, three-dimensional vibration is good, pouring negative pressure is not high

6, v method sand treatment is good, sand is too fine is not good to deal with, fine sand dust is large, dust collector selection is good to environmental protection, dust collector can not be too big, large volume, fan, electricity consumption is large.

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