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Wuxi Forland Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2010. We are committed to the research and development, production and sales of high-end intelligent automatic equipment & production lines in Foundry field. We are Jiangsu high-tech enterprise and the member of China Foundry Association.

We provide from the core making, extraction, fettling, settle-down to the casting pouring, picking up, cooling, trimming, sand knocking out, riser cutting and foundry peripheral automation. The main products include automatic cold/hot sand core production units and production lines, gravity die casting production lines, low pressure casting production lines and related supporting robot integration, non-standard tooling and special equipment research and development, manufacturing and service. As the continuous cooperation with a few listed enterprises, we continue to innovate in technology according to the actual needs of customers, then we invented a sand core production line that suitable for mixed line production of various products, which has solved the great pain points in the production process for customers. The project products which have been successfully mass-produced include the water-cooled motor shell, subframe, engine intake duct, turbocharger, brake calipers and so on. The industries involved in the products include fuel vehicles, new energy vehicles, aerospace, high voltage electrical, energy chemical industry, household kitchenware, etc.


Vertical parting automatic core production line

Low pressure die casting machines in different models


New energy vehicle 01/04
First, with rapid iterative material innovation, simple product design, excellence in manufacturing process, bring a big breakthrough in system energy density, easy to achieve ultra-long endurance, travel carefree.
Subframe 02/04
The sub-frame is not a complete frame, but a support for the front and rear axle and suspension, so that the axle and suspension are connected with the "front frame" through it, which is commonly called the "sub-frame". The role of the subframe is to block vibration and noise, reduce its direct entry into the carriage, so most appear in luxury cars and off-road vehicles, some cars also install the subframe for the engine.
Water cooled machine 03/04
Water cooled high temperature resistant special frequency conversion motor is a special internal circulation water cooled frequency conversion speed regulating motor developed and designed according to the needs of metallurgical continuous casting machine and billet field conditions on the basis of frequency conversion speed regulating, special roller table and furnace multi-speed motor series.
Steering knuckle 04/04
Steering knuckle is a machine that helps the driver to exert force while the driver is playing the steering wheel, so as to reduce the force of the driver's steering and achieve the purpose of driving the driver easily and conveniently.
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