Operation process of core shooting machine:


First, before the core shooting machine operation:

1. Remove obstacles that hinder the normal operation of core shooting machine equipment.

2. Lubricate the equipment according to the provisions of the lubrication card.

3. Check whether the fasteners in the key parts of the core shooting machine are fastened. If they are loose, they must be fastened well.

4. Check whether all the door handles are in the static position.

5. Unscrew the total cut of compressed air and carry out no-load test on the core shooting machine equipment. In this process, to check whether the action of the institution is normal, check whether the pipeline leakage of each valve.

Two, in the process of operating the core shooting machine:

1, after the core shooting machine is started, the operator shall not leave the work, should concentrate on the idea, according to the process, carefully operate, but is not allowed to operate two valves at the same time.

2, often pay attention to the operation of the core shooting machine, if there is poor lubrication, or fastener loosening, or parts damage, or pipeline leakage, and other abnormal phenomena, it should be shut down immediately for processing, and notify maintenance personnel to repair if necessary.

3. In the production process, if it is found that the core shooting machine is unable to rattle, or compact, or turn over, or clamp, it should inform the maintenance personnel to check and repair.

4. Keep the jarring piston working under lubricating condition, blow the sand on the piston regularly, and then spray with lubricating oil.

5. When lifting the sand box, it is not allowed to impact the model or cut the door handle, so as to avoid damage to the model or misoperation.

6. In the production process, sand accumulation on the core shooting machine and around it is often removed to prevent sand from entering the cylinder.

7. In case of an accident of the core shooting machine, the operation of the equipment should be stopped immediately, the site should be maintained, and the relevant departments should be reported for inspection, analysis and treatment.


Three, After the work:

1. Clean the site, clean the sand accumulation on the core shooting machine and its surroundings, and wipe the equipment.

2. Put all the cutting door handles of the core shooting machine in the static position, and close the total cutting of compressed air.

3. Sand boxes or other objects shall not be parked on and around the core shooting machine equipment.

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