Attention should be paid to the problems in the production of wear-resistant castings by casting process


1. Attach importance to the accumulation of process test and process

Through the development of the process test, it is of great significance for the smooth development of the V casting project to understand the process route of V casting, and be familiar with the key points of process control and process parameters. At the early stage of the promotion of V casting in Guogan, the lack of the above links caused great losses for many enterprises, and now it is gradually attracting more and more enterprises' attention. In particular, the use and control of vacuum is an important feature of V casting process, which is different from the traditional sand casting. It profoundly affects the control of product quality and production management process. It is not difficult to see from the case of foreign wear-resistant enterprises that, in the process of exploration, we have also gone through enough product production tests, from single piece to small batch, from simple process equipment to large production line, on the basis of fully analyzing the process process, we have a fuller recognition and risk prediction of the corresponding V process equipment and production line, laying a foundation for the subsequent mass production.


2. Pay attention to the design of systematic engineering

The construction of wear-resistant casting workshop is a systematic project. In addition to the production design itself, workshop layout logistics design, supporting raw and auxiliary materials, supporting heat treatment system, supporting machining equipment, etc. should be taken as a systematic example to take the turnover of sand box as an example. Due to the long insulation and cooling time of wear-resistant castings, the flow rate of sand box is limited to a certain extent. Enterprises ordering a large number of sand boxes not only greatly increase the cost of enterprises, but also cause difficulties in management and use. The flow of sand box can be accelerated and the production site can be saved by constructing cooling three-dimensional storage and designing cooling trays. The design and production of standardized pallets meet the transport conditions of forklift trucks without adding too much labor, realizing the requirements of process production and reducing the cost of equipment investment. At the same time improve the system operation efficiency.

3. Attach importance to the directional research and development of equipment

For a long time, the level of layout design and key technologies of domestic V casting production line is not high, and the structure of key tooling equipment such as sand box is single, which is difficult to meet the process production requirements of many kinds of products. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out corresponding research and development and design of equipment in order to realize the process requirements on the basis of clear production characteristics of V casting wear-resistant castings, and to support different types of production line shirts to meet the needs of different enterprises. Take sand box as an example, sand box structure design as the core content of V casting production line, is the core equipment to ensure product quality. In the past production experience, the production problems caused by the sand box structure emerged one after another. For V casting production of wear-resistant castings, the sand box size is often large; How to achieve the production of various kinds of castings, on the basis of ensuring the universality of the sand box, as far as possible to meet the requirements of the risers and other technological layout, but also to facilitate the production organization management and the sand box itself maintenance, are the sand box design needs to focus on the part. In addition, the use and control of vacuum system, the design of the layout form of the production line and the arrangement of the production rhythm will be the key research part of the equipment used in the production of wear-resistant parts V process casting.

4. Pay attention to the use of raw and auxiliary materials

Raw and auxiliary materials have a direct impact on casting quality. It is of great significance to pay attention to the use of raw and auxiliary materials and understand the influence of raw and auxiliary materials on the process and product quality to improve casting quality. V casting process emphasizes the use of thin film and coating control, and wear-resistant casting itself has relatively high requirements for riser feeding, so the use of EVA film, coating, riser and other materials is relatively key in V casting wear-resistant parts. Especially coating spraying control and drying technology, riser placement and gas generation control, not only affect casting quality, but also related to production efficiency and production organization. In addition, ceramic tube and other auxiliary materials will also have an important impact on the casting sand punching Cobie and pouring safety.

V casting process has mature experience in the production of wear-resistant castings, which has great development potential in China. At present, although the application of domestic V casting technology in wear-resistant castings has been expanded, there is still a big gap between domestic and foreign advanced enterprises in product quality, production efficiency and equipment level. We need to focus on improving the basic research of V process production of wear-resistant castings, improve the level of equipment design and production, and improve the quality of supporting equipment and raw and auxiliary materials as well as the technical level of use. Thus, the V method casting technology advantage can be fully exerted, and contribute to the green long-term development of wear-resistant castings in our country.

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